To achieve the highest standards Argyrakis Filters, is certified and implements the quality assurance system, ISO 9001: 2000.

Social Responsibility

Becomes aware of more and more people today that efforts for a cleaner environment must continually increase, and daily increasing pollution on our planet.

Argyrakis Filters In addition the business case for the design, development and installation of environmental protection, we believe we have a moral and social obligation to the generations that will follow, to contribute in any way we can protect the environment.


  • Dust collector in cement
  • Cement Mill
  • Silos and packing plant
  • Coal Mill
  • Clinker Cooling Tower
  • Furnace Cement

Metallurgical Industry

  • Aluminum Production Process
  • Primary Aluminum Processing
  • Secondary Aluminum Processing

Industry Aggregates

Chemical Industry

Electricity Production

Waste Treatment



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